Mjpeg-streamer constantly dies

I had posted this in the openwrt forums but now they suggest posting here.

I need to run the mjpeg-streamer on chaos calmer for the glinet mt300n but things get weird.

Using the gl-inet 2.261 image generator, I cannot get the streaming to work. As soon as a client connects, the mjpeg service dies with a segfault.
I've tried uninstalling the gl-inet package and re-installing the openwrt one but that doesn't work either.

I've built using lede but there are other problems I need to solve before I can move to lede such as old code that I have which will require updating but cannot do it now.

How in the world can I get the streaking package to work properly using the gl-inet build?

Unless I'm missing something, the hardware platform should not be affecting the function of that program.

It is more likely that either the video driver is at fault or there is a bug in the mjpeg-streamer program. The mjpeg-streamer program is listed as abandoned and the readme states this:

You must really know what you are doing, if you use this software. If you want to use the software you are obliged to check if the sourcecode does what you expect it to do and take the risk yourself to use it.

The source code is available on sourceforge and is also forked on Github. You can investigate the reason for your segfault there.


I'm not a programmer so won't be able to take that route. It works fine on LEDE but I need to run the gl-inet openwrt chaos calmer in order to remain compatible with the programs I'm using.

Might you know if there was ever a replacement for mjpeg-streamer, something similar that might work in a similar manner?