Mixed Mode configuration 5 ghz

Hi friends, I need your help on a configuration issue. I have two notebooks that should have access to the 5ghz network in different modes:

Notebook 1 AC Mode 5ghz

Notebook 2 N Mode 5ghz

I tried to create two configurations as the image below shows but I can't set them one in N mode and the other in AC, they can both be ONLY AC or only N.

Is there a way to create two 5 ghz configurations one AC and the other N.?

No, while you can (usually) set up multiple AP interfaces on the same radio, all physical interface settings (channel, bandwidth, wireless mode) must be the same, as they're sharing the same radio hardware and are just time-multiplexed. Even if you could, doing so wouldn't make sense (as you'd still have to deal with 802.11n coexistence on the radio, making greenfield mode impossible).


ok, you gave me confirmation of what I had already tried since I could not create two configurations. I don't really know why the router Gl.Inet AR750s ext. you do not accept the 5ghz AC mode of my rtl8822ce network card, it is really strange since it accepts the AC configuration .

What could I try since the other devices can work?

This is the firmware version I use.