Missing WLan devices and WLan errors after power interruption(~24h)

Current system:
Linksys E8450 (UBI), OpenWrt 23.05.3 r23809-234f1a2efa

Since a power interruption of the router (approx. 24h), it is no longer able to reconnect all WLan devices to the router. Before all devices were registered with a static IP.
Unfortunately, the system did not "recover" after a reset and recovery, nor did a manual setup of the system. Some WLan devices are registrated in DHCP mode but many devices will not be registrated (smartphones, IoT's, repeaters). With the smartphones, I get the message that the IP is assigned but then the devices are not registrated and are not displayed (network/dhcp/static entries). Smartphones and notebooks often simply drop out of the WLan - I assume that this also happens with other devices. Restarting the devices does not result in a new connection/login to the router.
LAN-connected devices are connected with the correct IP.

Any Ideas?

I will reset the system and switch off till tomorrow to restart a manual setup...again...

Do you mean static dhcp pairings are lost?

No, I miss a part of my WLan devices generally.

Before the power off situation I had ALL WLan devices registrated...after power off situation I miss many WLan devices in the DHCP view in general...
I will later setup the static IP's when I can find/see all my WLan devices in the openwrt-view.
And the drop out ot the WLan...I don't know what's going on...

I'm pretty sure that your device has a dual-partition firmware setup (this is done for failover if one partition fails to boot properly). There is a high likelyhood that the power outage triggered a failover to the other partition which may not have been fully configured with your DHCP reservations and the like.

To fix this, you need to partially boot the router 3 times in a row.

Unplug the router from power. Plug it back in again and let it boot for a few seconds, but not long enough for it to complete the boot process. Then unplug the power again. Repeat until you have cycled power 4 times total... on the last one, let it fully boot. Then check your DHCP reservations and the like.

Thanks for the hint...

Does such a change happen if you simply disconnect the device from the power supply for a longer period of time?

Same with the drop out situation...
and the completly new setup..?

It happens if the device partially boots (but does not complete) 3 times in a row. This can happen when power is flickering just before or after a power outage.

Thx, will give a feedback tomorrow.

Also ch13 will lock out NA clients


my solution:

Reset, new configuration(same as backup) BUT I have changed the SSID - now no dropp out, simple client login, new static leases.
I don't know, what's happend with the old setup but currently the router is up and running...

Thanks for your support and feedback.


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