Missing snapshot builds for ramips/mt76x8 since Dec 3rd


There are no recent builds for ramips/mt76x8/

The latest snapshot build is from Dec 3rd, while other builds are as recent as Dec 22/23rd


Its failing because buildbots dont have zip installed and creating sercomm header fails

Should I open a bug report for this?

That would be good

Did you open a bug report on this?

I would love to get this branch building properly again!

There is a bug about it:

The error seems to be a missing "zip" tool:

Based on forum discussion and the download server, the last successful build has been in r8629-f98fde2db4

@blogic is marked as the maintainer of the ramips target(s) but also @mkresin has been active there lately, so they might be able to fix things.

There has also been developer mailing list discussion about the "zip" issue one month ago, but as buildbots still fail to build this ramips subtarget, no solution was actually implemented. (it may need installing "zip" fot the actual buildslaves)

Happy! Today there is a new snapshot build which I will try over the weekend

Fixed with https://git.openwrt.org/?p=openwrt/openwrt.git;a=commit;h=ad8c2d6099a7da5192ee6e2c52a8303642271877

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