Missing package uqmi (for LTE modem dongles)

On 21.02 (on a TP-Link C7 v2), trying to install package luci-proto-qmi it it tells me "Required dependency package uqmi is not available in any repository."

I did pick up the QMI protocol is rather new, and for a while we had to set it to NDIS mode, but I was under the impression it was fully implemented by now. And the existance of a luci package for it that depends on it would confirm a package should exists?

I tried 21.02 rc4 first, and then realised final is out and tried 21.02 final too.

Edit: also, on v19 it is simply availible, so I wonder if it is a build issue in the official build for V21

uqmi for your target is there: https://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/21.02.0/targets/ath79/generic/packages/uqmi_2020-11-22-0a19b5b7-3_mips_24kc.ipk

Don't know what's wrong with the luci dependency. Probably a bug

And, no, QMI is not that new. It's been around at least since the introduction of Gobi1k in 2007. Probably much longer. Only Qualcomm knows. The Linux support is starting to grow up as well. It's almost 10 years since I wrote the qmi_wwan driver :slight_smile:

Maybe true. I am thinking it because the Alfa outdoor LTE Tube-U4Gv2 two years did not even work and I had to jump several hoops. And then after an update it suddenly worked out of the box. But maybe that was the specific USB device an not the generic QMI

Anyway, as mentioned, in the later V19 it worked. So I was rather disappointed it does not work now in V21.

You say: "since I wrote" and "maybe a bug"
Does the first mean you are well and deep enough connected that this bug will (eventually) be picked up, or should I report it somewhere else?

no, I'm not connected to luci or uqmi. Just the driver