Missing package for luci (slow upload by buildbot)

the luci-app-firewall is missing and Luci will not install.

You have bad timing...

The buidlbot is just completing its build round for that target and is uploading packages (after first deleting the ones to be replaced by new versions)

Wait a few minutes, so that the upload completes.

Actually, the buildbot upload seems stuck somehow.
It has been uploading alrady for over 7 hours and the upload speed is only some 20 kB/s.
Looks abnormally slow.

cc @aparcar @jow @ynezz

Three more hours spent on uploading...

Looks like certain build workers spend lots of time uploading.

Wow that's ridicules! Who are those slow uploaders? @ynezz

Who has config access to the buildbot?

Still alive and kicking slowly. The situation has not improved :frowning:

Probably the OSUOSL network again, had congestion issues like this in the past already. NO time to follow up on this though.

Indeed, just reported it to OSUOSL.


Upstream provider found an issue on one of their interconnects and we're
currently working around that path.

Seems to be fixed.

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