Missing package bridger Linksys E8450 / Belkin RT3200

Hi everyone,

I'm configuring a second Belkin RT3200 as a dumb access point. In following the guide:

The version of OpenWRT is 22.03.5 r20134-5f15225c1e / LuCI openwrt-22.03 branch git-23.119.80898-65ef406

In the WED section it states to use the package bridger:

Flow offloading happens in situations where flows are actually being tracked, ie. when using NAT/routing. To use WED on a dumb access point requires the bridger package which does a bit of BPF magic to get bridged streams tracked (and hence offloaded).

  • Install the bridger package. Optionally edit /etc/config/bridger and define a device or bridge to exclude from bridge forwarding acceleration.

However when I refresh available packages and search I cannot find bridger in the list.

It is however present in GIT https://git.openwrt.org/?p=openwrt/openwrt.git;a=tree;f=package/network/services/bridger

I'm assume I'm missing something. Should packages there show in the package manager? Should I use a different method of install? If so could anyone point me at a guide.

Thanks for your help.

WED and bridger are post-22.03 developments, you'd need snapshots for that.

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Enable WED

OpenWrt 22.03.2
  • Edit /etc/modules.d/mt7915e and append this line mt7915e wed_enable=Y
  • This change requires a reboot
  • :!: This change will not persist upon updating as the file edited is not the target of a backup tarball.

I've done the enable WED section but it sounds like I can't do the bridger section for the bridged streams to work as it's only for snapshot. I'm not going to go that route yet as reading the Github there are too many issues with bridger at present.

Thanks for everyones help.

Yes, OpenWrt Snapshot is for testing, every snapshot could break certain things while improving other parts.

But with the Linksys E8450 or Belkin RT3200 UBI we have a recovery mode when a snapshot is broken, so we should not need debricking via serial console:

In this aspect I still think about migrating from E8450 to Netgear WAX206 because nmrpflash is available for this device: https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/installation/installation_methods/nmrpflash

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