Missing options for D-Link DAP-X1860 (in Luci)

I enjoy running Openwrt on my D-Link DAP-X1860, but noticed some options are missing for wireless on the "WLAN roaming" tab.

On my other AP's I have settings for 802.11k and 802.11v there, like "802.11k RRM", "Neighbour report", "Beacon report", "Time advertisement", "WNM " etc etc

But on the DAP-X1860 these seems to be missing. Are they not supported on this device, or will it work if I use the CLI instead. Still wonder than why they are not visible in Luci.

Have you compared the list of installed packages, is it the same, on both ?

2 packages differ. On DAP-X1860 rssileds is extra, but will not cause this.

But there is a difference for wpad-wolfssl. On the DAP-X1860 it has wpad-basic-wolfssl installed and on the other wpad-wolfssl. So it seems you were spot on. Now just figuring out how I can replace wpad-basic with the fill package, because they are conflicting and I am afraid I will loose connectivity if I first remove wpad-basic

Use the online image builder to create a new sysupgrade image, where you've swapped out the package(s).

opkg update
opkg remove wpad-basic-wolfssl
opkg install wpad-wolfssl

Worked as well and I now have the options. Thanks so much for your quick support

Except the remove won't free any flash space on the device, since the package came with the image.

1st world problem though.

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