Missing opkg package, from wulfy image

New to OpernWRT. Running a RaPi4 with dual Nic's as a network gateway, using this wulf23 image.

Generally everything is great, except I can't install collectd-mod-mqtt, I get an unknown-package error. I did opkg update. If I run opkg list 'collectd*' i do see 18 collectd packages, but no mqtt....


  1. Why is the collectd-mod-mqtt package missing, and how do I get it? Does some form of source list need updated?
  2. My actual goal here is to connect OpenWRT to my HomeAssistant dash, just to monitor very simple basic health (Undervoltage warnings, and CPU temp). Is MQTT a good way of doing this? Or is there another path you recommend?


I can't answer your specific questions, but sadly wulfy23 is no longer a member of the forums. As such, if it turns out that you need to ask directly, you may need to do it via their github rather than here. However, it is possible that other users will be able to answer.

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Thankyou for that advice, I have now asked on their github