Missing mt7628 packages for barrier breaker

I have a OYE-0006 running barrier_breaker 14.07 but when I try to update package lists I am told:

Failed to download http://downloads.openwrt.org/barrier_breaker/14.07/ramips/mt7628/packages/base/Packages.gz

and the mt7628 directory no longer seems to be there... is there something else I can use for this device??

You should consider anything before 18.06 as either unsupported or about to be. Anything prior to 17 is known insecure due to its age.


Aside from that, barrier breaker didn't support mt7628 in the first place. So if you're using some OEM firmware or vendor SDK, you'd need to contact the respective vendor instead.


I assumed that since the update button in the luci web interface actually looked for files located on the openwrt.org server they must have existed at some point.

Is anyone there familiar with OYE-0006 device who may also know what versions of openwrt support it?

I have never herd of the OYE-0006 and all the pages about it on google are not in english. Sorry. The update button in luci is just looking at packages. You cant use it to update the hole fermwair. You mite be better off looking at getting a new router that can run OpenWrt 18.06.2

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As OpenWrt is open source, many manufacturers take it as the base of their firmware and modify it. It is common to replace the kernel, drivers, and application software (or “cripple” it). Some are sloppy at this and even more don’t provide package or other support.

I only know one that does what I consider a good job at extending OpenWrt and maintaining a reasonably full set of repos to support it.

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Same problem for me.

I am developing my own hardware and I use an HLK-RM08K as a base for development. The firmware is 14.07. They just give you the .bin. The bootloader on two different devices from them was bjorked also, no TFTP no matter what I tried. I JTAGed another uboot on both of them.

This is not smelling good.

I send a mail to my contact there and asked about the sources today. We'll see how they respond. I'm switching vendor if they refuse to comply.