Missing Led configuration in Luci 12.09

Hello! I have such a problem on an router asus wl 500g v2, after the firmware version 12.0.9 is open, there is no control of the LEDs on this firmware, how will this control be returned to me? what packages should i install?

Instead of using the totally antiquated year 2012 version of OpenWrt, you should use 19.07 or 18.06.

Nobody remembers what has exactly changed in the LED config since 2012...

(And no detailed help is likely coming as you did not provide any info on your current config or installed packages)

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I downloaded the firmware image directly from the official website, immediately after installation it is absent, I need this particular version, because all new versions freeze, and all versions below 12.09 do not freeze. the router is really old-fashioned and perhaps the hardware part of the router is also outdated, so I need to install these versions in this router model.!


Your device seems to have been supported only from version 14.07 onward:

Supported Since Rel: 14.07
Supported Current Rel: 19.07.4

You are now using the generic version, not really specifically made for your device with proper LED definitions.

If you insist on using that, you probably need to carefully look at the 12.09 and 14.07 source codes to see how the support for your device was added and how the LEDs were defined at that age.

I need information on how to add a missing item to Luci, in this example it is an LED configuration!?

please use the wiki

completely luci how can I remove? opkg remove luci command doesn't work how can i remove luci?

 opkg list-installed | grep luci | cut -f 1 -d ' ' | xargs opkg --force-removal-of-dependent-packages remove