Missing kmods file for Meraki MR52 AP

I am currently running OpenWRT on a Meraki MR52 AP with snapshot r21376-af8bc8e51b.
I originally installed this using Clayface's files here: https://github.com/clayface/openwrt-cryptid
The initial install was fine and worked great for months, until I looked into trying to upgrade to a newer version, after this failed I flashed back to the old version. The access point currently works but the wireless radios are named "Generic Unknown" now, and I cannot make any changes to the SSIDs being broadcast or it will stop working. I believe it is all caused by this message when running opkg update:

*** Failed to download the package list from https://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/targets/ipq806x/generic/kmods/5.15.80-1-5fc867c21d011ce8fc967930403599fd/Packages.gz

It seems that folder in kmods has been removed, and is preventing my AP from grabbing the firmware or drivers to recognize the radios.

Does anyone know if there is a location for these old kmods packages, or if there is some alternative or newer package that I can use to restore functionality?


For general use, install a release build. Snapshot kmods are not kept on the servers indefinitely.

Ok. It's been a while since I tried the upgrade and put the MR52 in this position, but there was definitely something that wasn't working in whichever version I tried to update to. The toh says it should be compatible with 23.05.0 so I guess I'll try that and see where I get, thanks.

Ok I was able to update to the latest version on the MR52 page, this still ended up being a snapshot (r24287-d62726b1e4). However I remember what the issue was with updating before, none of the wifi radios seem to be detected in luci or when doing wifi status or iwinfo. Looking at the log, I don't see any errors about the driver or radios. Is it possible to load drivers that aren't in the package for the radios in order for them to be recognized?
It looks like this should have a Qualcomm Atheros QCA9889 or Qualcomm Atheros QCA9994 for wlan.

@mk24 You ended up being correct, after I found the firmware selector and downloaded the stable 23.05, it looks like it was able to pull the correct drivers and recognize the radios. Thanks!

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