Missing kmod-ath5k package

Hi all,

I need to use a wifi usb dongle with ath5k chipset on openwrt running on a RPi mod.B
So I should install the kmod-ath5k package.

This package should exist (as documented into packages list)

But cannot find the kmod-ath5k package for "brcm2708/bcm2708" target

Moreover i can find it for other targets (e.g. "x86/64" or "brcm47xx/generic" or others)

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance.

ath5k doesn't support USB devices. Given that the RPi doesn't support PCI, PCIe or AHB (the three alternative bus systems ath5k compatible wlan cards can be connected to the host), it's no wonder that no according kernel modules are built for this target - it's impossible to connect them to an RPi.

If you're referring to ar5523, that module (and its firmware) doesn't support AP mode.


Thanks a lot for the answer.

You are rigth!
Ath5k is not for USB.

My dongle is Netgear WPN111 that have the Ar5523

Do you know which module I need to install to support this dongle (even only in client mode, without AP mode)
I need it for Rpi Mod B. that use brcm2708/bcm2708 arch.


The driver to install would be (kmod-)ar5523, but this modules isn't packaged as part of the mac80211/ backports source package (it shouldn't be difficult to add, though).

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Sorry for the late answer, but I was out of office for some days.

Thanks for the info, but I cannot start from source.

I will use a different dongle and put back in the attic the WPN111.