Missing ICMPv6 Type 3 - Time Exceeded

Hi folk,

Here's an ICMPv6 echo request with hlim 1 coming from the WAN with destination a host that's behind the router (AAAA:BBBB:CCCC:c::202):

~ # tcpdump -nnvvi eth2 "icmp6 and (src XXXX:YYYY:ZZZZ:17::30 or dst XXXX:YYYY:ZZZZ:17::30)"
23:37:46.452078 IP6 (hlim 1, next-header ICMPv6 (58) payload length: 64) XXXX:YYYY:ZZZZ:17::30 > AAAA:BBBB:CCCC:c::202: [icmp6 sum ok] ICMP6, echo request, seq 1

eth2 is my wan interface. Why isn't the router sending back an ICMP6, time exceeded in-transit back to XXXX:YYYY:ZZZZ:17::30?

If I increase the hop limit by 1 in the source (XXXX:YYYY:ZZZZ:17::30) the packet is delivered fine downstream as expected.

Just in case I did:

ip6tables -I OUTPUT 1 -d XXXX:YYYY:ZZZZ:17::30 -j ACCEPT

to remove the firewall from the equation but it didn't help.

Could anybody please shed some light on this?

I was looking at the kernel network stats to see if:

And they're all zeroed:

~ # nstat -a -z | grep "Ip6InHdrErrors\|Icmp6OutTimeExcds"
Ip6InHdrErrors                  0                  0.0
Icmp6OutTimeExcds               0                  0.0

Actually all the counters in /proc/net/snmp6 are zeroed.

Making it even more difficult to debug this :confused: I'm running out of ideas.

This is why there are no ICMP6 stats:


"debloat" :angry:

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Sometimes that effort seems to be excessive though it probably is difficult to find a balance in support of devices with lesser hardware capacities.

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If I do the same exercise but the other way around (sending ICMPv6 echo-requests to the Internet from the LAN with a low-enough hop count so the router is the last allowed hop) the router generates and sends the expected ICMPv6 time-exceeded traffic:

16:21:46.201107 IP6 (flowlabel 0x87b65, hlim 1, next-header ICMPv6 (58) payload length: 64) AAAA:BBBB:CCCC:c::202 > XXXX:YYYY:ZZZZ:17::30: [icmp6 sum ok] ICMP6, echo request, seq 1
16:21:46.201213 IP6 (flowlabel 0x35edf, hlim 64, next-header ICMPv6 (58) payload length: 112) AAAA:BBBB:CCCC:1::1 > AAAA:BBBB:CCCC:c::202: [icmp6 sum ok] ICMP6, time exceeded in-transit for 2001:1458:d00:17::30

The output firewall rules for the wan interface (eth2) and the interface where the above traffic was generated (br-lan) are the same -> accept all.

I've logged as well all ICMPv6 traffic in OUTPUT with a catch all -j LOG as first rule and the missing traffic never reaches netfliter which points me to the fact that the kernel might not been generating the packet at all.

I must be missing something stupid. The consequence of this is that a traceroute6 passing though the router will always have a missing hop due to the router not emitting ICMPv6 time-exceeded towards the WAN. Can't believe this is a general problem. It's too obvious to miss.