Missing features in OpenWrt

Hey all! I'm new to OpenWrt and have been diving in quite deeply over the past 24 hours. This seems like this package is great with solid performance and wide range of extensible capabilities.

That said, are there any features that you wish you had from a manufacturer's firmware (ie, simple gui speed test, band-steering, etc), that wasn't present in OpenWrt? or that does exist in OpenWrt but really hard to set up?

I like OpenWrt for flexibility. For instance, I can build it without web-interface with ease, while I don't know any vendor or 3rd party firmwares (like dd-wrt) which give you ability to only use SSH instead of web-interface.

Almost everything can be installed and setup in Openwrt. It is rather not a finished end-user product with fixed (maybe broad) number of features, but mostly a solid platform.

Manufacturer’s, no.

The ability to entirely remove iptables to run nftables and ulogd

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Comments not getting wiped from config files.