Missing devices in ipq40xx master trunk

Hi all.
ipq40xx master trunk recently bumped to kernel 5.15. In the meantime, some devices previously supported are not available anymore. For example Linksys MR8300 on ipq40xx generic (which I got as you guessed).
Is this a temporary situation? Maybe DSA implementation delay? Or these missing devices will not be supported anymore?


Thank you for that fast and clear answer.

Can you confirm my understanding ?
This is from an MR8300

[ 1.272130] 0x000000780000-0x000005f80000 : "kernel"
[ 1.354394] 0x000000a80000-0x000005f80000 : "rootfs"

The real kernel MTD partition runs from 0x780000 to 0xa80000, so its size is 0x30000, hence 3MB.
Actually the 5.15 kernel size for ipq40xx is over 3MB and so can't fit here.

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i have that kind of device, but i have not it in my hands right now, anyway looks like you right.

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So unless the devs find a way to sharpen the kernel, there is no way it can fit ? Sad, I bought this device for its 256 MB of flash. That seemed quite satisfactory for long term support.
Other solution would be to change the partition layout, and that seems really tricky (as I have read in another thread).
Thank you.

no don't warry it's easy to fit a bigger kernel, if i move from here, lol, i 'll try to take a look.

Oh cool ! Thank you. So let's wait for the devs find a way. I'm not in a hurry.
I'm trying some master snapshots from time to time, so I felt disappointed that it didn't compile anymore.

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