Missing `/dev/disk-by-*` folders (/dev/disk-by-uuid/ /dev/disk-by-partlabel etc)

I don't have on my system (OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r19726-b21b98627d netgear xr500):
folders/devices links:


is there a way to install them ? Am I missing a package

Not really, OpenWrt doesn't use udev.

:frowning: is there a way to use UUIDs in commandline ?

As a workaround to hotplug.d not executed issue
I thought to create a custom script with decryption command.

But as /dev/sda is sometimes detected as /dev/sdb (2 usb devices) I wanted to use UUIDs

but it's complaining:

root@OpenWrt:/home/marcin# cryptsetup luksOpen UUID="4a3e4e1f-ee73-43dd-8269-4a2a9549c3a7" crypt --key-file /a-path-to-keyfile 
Device /dev/disk/by-uuid/4a3e4e1f-ee73-43dd-8269-4a2a9549c3a7 does not exist or access denied.

/dev/sd* way works but it's unrelalible in my case (2 usb devices):

root@OpenWrt:/home/marcin# cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdb4 crypt --key-file /a-path-to-keyfile
root@OpenWrt:/home/marcin# ls /dev/mapper/
control  crypt