Missing dependency libstdc++

Dear developers,

I'm compiling a package against OpenWRT, and am getting this error, which gives me some head scratching.

Package qflash is missing dependencies for the following libraries:

IMHO, stdc++ is included be default. What do I miss?


Have you included it as a dependency in your Makefile for the package?

As far as I know, not only is libstdc++ not installed by default, but the libc that is typically used (musl) is very compact and may be missing certain calls and features compared to libc intended for machines with "plenty of disk space"

Yes, I have this in my Makefile

cat .config | grep PACKAGE_libstdcpp

It is enabled:


Any idea?

Gonna need to see some
-errors and br-version.... ( make V=s )
-your qflash Makefile

( bits of relevance in code tags )

This happens to me whenever I build c++ projects in openwrt with external toolchain and glibc (not sure which is the root cause).
Is your libstdcpp.provides file empty ? This is how I solve it:

echo libstdc++.so.6 >>staging_dir/target-path/pkginfo/libstdcpp.provides

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