Missing console (ttyUSB0) ability to Activate?

I've built an image that has somehow managed to lose the ability to have an Interactive console (ttyUSB0). Not that I cannot use the console connection, I can.. I can see the kernel log scrolling.

However, I never get the Press ENTER to activate this console message, and hitting Enter does nothing.

Also note that I've tried the option ttylogin '1' (defaults to 0, though 0 doesn't effect console logins on any other build I've made) and no go. ttylogin 0 or 1, it doesn't work. I can still use ssh in either setting.

grep tty /etc/inittab
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First, thank you for helping :slight_smile:

root@Shield:/etc# cat inittab
::sysinit:/etc/init.d/rcS S boot
::shutdown:/etc/init.d/rcS K shutdown

Yes, it isn't the grep, but you can see why I just cat'd it..

However, I can tell you that I have it working again. I suspect OpenWrt wasn't loading init, which caused all sorts of issues. This whole target is convoluted and I'm feeling my way through it.

Question, I am choosing to save /proc/config.gz in the build. This is just the Kernel config? How can I make my cleaned target-tree use it? There are specific settings I lucked into with the ethernet drivers that I'd like to keep as "known working".

Again @anon50098793 I appreciate the help!

Your config.gz is a derivative ( based on defaults, package selections, target makefile etc. ), it's not designed ( from a buildroot perspective ) to be plugged back in at the top of the chain statically.

Use it as a reference and address the core / package selections where applicable... and in the worst case you could add a couple of static options. But, overriding or using the whole thing is not intended / advised.

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Gotcha.. I appreciate the info. My issue comes from the fact I haven't narrowed down the exact CONFIG_ options the enable things like the ethernet driver that I've patched in. I've got a scattershot "I know this works" config, but I've lost that build and can't seem to re-create it :blush:. I was hoping for a more elegant way of doing it than brute'ing a diff.

Thank you again!

diff and fgrep are about as elegant as it gets when you attempt to add new things... when I was in your situation...

Each build ( modded buildroot ) I'd keep;

  • config.gz ( technically line below is the same thing )
  • build_dir/target.../linux-..../linux..../.config*
  • ./scripts/diffconfig > config.snap
  • target/linux/YOURtarget

then ... later on, you have all you need to backtrack... in the end, I rarely needed most of it.

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This should be highlighted more. It would save so much heartache hahah..

Thank you again!

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