Missing alsa package for wgt634u

I am trying to setup a netgear wgt634u for audio usb.
Apparently, there is no alsa package available for this platform.

opkg list | grep -i alsa


Is there another sound system for this device?
I can find it for the archer c7 release though.

Which version? (snapshot/master, 18.06.x, old v17, ancient)?

Did you successfully run

opkg update

before trying opkg list?

(Using the pre-format button </> above to make commands and output more readable)

https://openwrt.org/toh/netgear/wgt634u is a 200 MHz, Broadcom BCM5365 SoC with 32 MB of RAM. Your results with that SoC and real-time audio are likely to be less than stellar.

Archer C7 is a different SoC architecture, so the packages for it may be different.

Won't help. alsa seems to be not available for mipsel_mips32:


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Ill try oss then.

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