Missing 2nd ethernet port on TP-Link EAP265

So a few weeks with the tweaked 245 firmware and countless hours factory resetting after I borked something I can confirm the majority of the flash has succeeded.
The Qualcomm Atheros QCA9990 seems a bit iffy but from what I see that's not just my device. The only thing that appears missing I would love support for is the 2nd Ethernet port which is the main difference between the 245 and 265.
Can anyone help or point me in the right direction.

The SoC only has one port, which is connected to an ethernet switch on the board. Is one of the device's ports just not working at all?

I'm only seeing Eth0 in the Luci add device configuration.

The switch ports in LuCI can be configured under "Network > Switch".

The eth0 that you are seeing, is the SoC's ethernet port that is connected to the device's internal switch. This corresponds to the "CPU" port on the switch config page. "LAN 1" and "LAN 2" correspond to the physical ports on the device.

Ok I feel like an idiot tyvm

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