Misplaced Active DHCP Leases table (LuCI)


I noticed that the Active DHCP Leases table is currently in the Static Leases stab of the DHCP and DNS page in LuCI. That doesn't sound right. Either the table has to be moved somewhere else, or the tab has to be renamed to read Leases rather than Static Leases

The active dhcp leases are also in the status overview, so no one will need to go there to see them after logging in to the router. Having a separate tab was needed as the list of static and active leases was taking too long to load when it was part of the other tabs.

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I have no objection on having them on the same tab, but then the name of the tab needs to be changed.

The page is not about Leases in general, it's the place where you can configure the Static Leases, so I like this clarity.

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I see what you mean. Probably not the best way to implement it. A better approach could be to merge the two lists. Though, if they are to be kept separated then it World make sense to make the title for DHCP leases in smaller font.

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