MIPS Enable Automic Instructions in Stable Lede 17.01.2

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I am building Redis 4.0.1, but it is all based on automatic instructions.
Is there any way to enable Kernel 4.4 on the latest stable LEDE to enable it?
It would be very cool to work it out.

Thanks so much!


How are you?

I have removed atomics instructions, so pthreads it is only , unfortunately it is not ugly, because in Linksys WRT is uses with it, but with my D-LINK I cannot use atomics instructions, but I have know idea if I know a defined option so that I could patch with and #if, and choose which I can use. Do you guys do you know a info about this? Thanks so much!

The repo and patches are here now:

But it just remove the atomics and only phtreads:


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Another weird thing is that in the kernel it says:
CONFIG_GENERIC_ATOMIC64=y, but when I built Redis 4, I get though, that is not in D-LINK MIPS CONFIG_EDAC_ATOMIC_SCRUB, so this would be ???

Please help!