Miniupnpd not finding lan1 interface

Hey everyone,

I'm brand new to openwrt (running on an Edgerouter 4) and am having trouble getting miniupnpd to start. I've installed everything but when I launch it I get the following:

miniupnpd[7332]: Error: Option -a missing and listening_ip is not set in config file

I've also tried running it manually through the terminal and including lan1 to the listening IP then when I run it I get this:

Fri Jan  7 15:56:34 2022 daemon.err miniupnpd[7544]: send_batch: mnl_cb_run returned -1
Fri Jan  7 15:56:34 2022 daemon.err miniupnpd[7544]: table_op(0, 1, miniupnpd) send_batch failed -4
Fri Jan  7 15:56:34 2022 daemon.err miniupnpd[7544]: Failed to init redirection engine. EXITING

Is my router just too new to Openwrt and these are bugs or am I missing something? I also feel like maybe my interfaces are configured weirdly. I have four devices lan0 (wan) lan1 lan1.10 and lan1.20. My interfaces are wan, lan1, services (1.20) and wifi (1.10).

Any insight would be appreciated!

Currently on the Edgerouter 4 21.02.1 SNAPSHOT.

Nope...supported in the current version of OpenWRT.

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That's what I figured, thank you for the info. Port forwarding it is!

Just curious...Did you [properly] set the config as the error clearly instructs seem to be wrong?

I cannot find a manual, but I did see this in the changelog regrding the -a argument:

-a option takes two arguments with MULTIPLE_EXTERNAL_IP defined

So I assume you have not configured it. Can we see your config file?