Miniupnp wont start with option external_ip

if i add the option setting extrrnal_ip to the miniupnpd config file it fails to start.

if i remove the option from the config file it boots but fails with public ip address fault.

is the external ip you've defined in some way used on the device where you run the miniupnp ?

i have my modem providing a static ip to the wan port on my router (

I hav two local lans with and
i dont believe any external address range is used in my router

I'm confused, then why use the external_up option ?
what are you trying to achieve ?

Miniupnpd detects the IP address of my wan device as which is private so miniupnp wont operate.
if i use stun it gets the public (wrong) external ip address and if i set the corrrect ip miniupnp fails to load.

I want miniupnp to accept as the upstream wan ip but it fails to load when i add this option.
my provider has some sort of passthrough in their NAT that dynamically opens ports and the router just passes port requests upstream including upnp.