Minisforum UM250

i have a Minisforum UM250 and would like to install openwrt to mess with. im using untangle firewall on a micro Firewall Appliance from amazon Intel(R) Celeron(R) N5105 @ 2.00GHz 2.5gig intel with 8gig ram and would like to get out of it to stop paying for it. so tell then i want to mess around with open wrt i have Xfinity 1200 down and they say 35 up but i always get 40 when i do a speed test. my modem is a ARRIS S33 and i have 4 asus rt ax92u for wifi i have about 30 devices. kids tablets cell phones ps4 tvs ect. i play overwatch 2 a lot and i play hanzo so latency is very sensitive for me.

i would like to know what package i should download for the UM250 i heard good things about IQrouter for gaming with there Adaptive Bandwitdh but they just recently closed down and found out they use openwrt so want to see if i can make a box close to it.

i use rufus to copy files over to my usb and my um250 doesnt see the usb drive in biosn bios i have a boot mode uefi or legacy. i select uefi and download the efi img but doesnt show in my boot options in bios

There are 6 links in that URL, which one did you use ?

first one combined efi

Trial and error then, try legacy, another flash drive, or USB port.

Did you consider Proxmox?

i did not is this something i should look into? i just want to see if i can learn/ build something that can replace the untangle firewall im paying for yearly. i do like untangle firewall, it has Bandwidth Control and Application Control so want to see if openwrt can replace it

so after figure out how to install openwrt on my 512gig nvme drive my storage shows this. how would i go about fixing this?

thanks got it working

now i have this problem with one of my ethernet ports not sure why after a while it disconnects.

cant figure out why