miniPCIe WLAN WIFI-6 module with low heat generation

I have ordered the following miniPC and am looking for a suitable miniPCIe module for it which does not generate a lot of heat. I would like to use WIFI-6 at least in the 5 GHz range with several WLANs

I have heard that Mediatek devices are recommended

Can you give me any recommendations?

get an external wifi ... device, router or AP.
cheaper and better stability.


The Zyxel NWA50AX is the one I'd buy if I were in the market today. For US, $70 on amazon, should be comparable elsewhere.

Depends on where you are, the WSM20 was 20£ on UK Amazon the other day.

I would like to replace my Dynalink DL-WRX36 with this mini PC. Therefore access point mode in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz range with a 2x2, 2 antenna configuration.

Keep it as dumb AP, you can't get anything better for the wireless side.

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We already have a thread discussing WiFi 6 mini PCIe cards. But putting them inside your mini PC isn't a good idea, these mini PCIe cards are meant to go into something with much more room for dissipating heat and routing antenna cables.

And often the best place to put your router is not the best place to put the wireless AP. I strongly suggest following @slh's advice and use the DL-WRX36 you already have as the AP. As a bonus, the DL-WRX36 can double as a 5-port managed hardware switch.

No, the 4 ports on the mini PC doesn't count, those are 4 separate NICs attached to the CPU. Any bridging between those ports require CPU involvement for each Ethernet frame. The DL-WRX36's ports connect to a switch ASIC that bridges the ports at line speed without requiring CPU resources.


In principle, a WLAN adapter according to the .ac standard would also be sufficient for me. I have a maximum of 3 WLAN devices and 2 wired ones. I only have a 3-room apartment to supply.

So you have two options:

  • WiFi via mini PCIe cards
    • Requires additional purchase of cards
    • Requires additional purchase antennas
    • Requires additional purchase coaxial cables for antennas
    • Possibly requires chassis modification to accommodate all the above
    • No flexibility in placement of WiFi AP
  • WiFi via DL-WRX36
    • Requires no additional money (because you already own one)
    • Comes with antennas all correctly wired up already
    • Comes with a 5 port switch ASIC with management features
    • Can put it in a different location from the router
    • Better WiFi AP performance because DL-WRX36 is purpose-built for it

The fact that you "only have a 3-room apartment" or that 802.11ac is sufficient for you is completely irrelevant when the DL-WRX36 is the better WiFi option and costs you nothing extra.

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