Minimum x86 cpu requirement for 10GB Ethernet and WiFi7?

Considering an X86 for OpenWRT use.
For use with lots of packages, data logging, etc.
What would be the minimum Intel or AMD CPU to use for 10GB Ethernet and wifi7 ?
I guess also, that it would depend on the number of ports?

Any recommendations on the mini PCs that are out?

is it also for routing, or ... ?

not sure there are any of those around ...

There is one from GoWin now, it's the newer version of R86S, based on Alder Lake-N, N100 or i3-N305, the later one should be good enough. However since it's running Intel X520 10G dual port on a PCI-E x4 slot so 2 ports with traffic in same direction will throttle at ~14Gbps speed, can't get full 20Gbps, in general case this rarely happen though (you need to have both > 7Gbps upload + download full speed at the same time to hit this limit)

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stumbled across a review today

This is the first gen R86S, uses N5105/N6005 with ConnectX-3 dual port, the PCI-E x4 bandwidth is enough for all ports running full speed in both directions, however CPU itself kind of weak, there will be no issue with NAT only, but don't expect to have too much loading on it. The 2nd gen with N100/N305 is much faster, but PCI-E x4 for X520 dual port will end up with not enough bandwidth as I mentioned above. I feedback this to manufacturer and they probably didn't realize it, Topton has another similar devices with Comet Lake-U (i5-10210u/i7-10510u) and also X520 dual port on PCI-E x4 slot....sigh...