Minimum way to configure mosquitto-ssl?

I want to exchange unimportant messages between two computers within my home network. For now, I don't need security like SSL or even log-in, but I chose to install the mosquitto-ssl so that I would not have to reinstall/reconfigure things when I might need those in the future.

I have installed mosquitto-ssl and Status -> Processes say that the process is running, but it seems that the default port 1883 is not open. The only tutorial I could find was this page but that page seems unnecessarily (for me) complex.

Isn't there any simpler tutorial or manual for minimum set-up to use MQTT locally?

Is 1883 the default for SSL/TLS?

By default the service is only listening on localhost.
Bind it to a specific IP address or to all available interfaces.
Allow anonymous access if security is not a concern.


allow_anonymous true

For reference:

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Thanks. Now it's working.

I wonder why the default is not accepting connections from LAN. I mean, what's the point of having a localhost-only MQTT server on a router, where you won't run any actual apps...

Because it forces the administrator to think about the steps - and risks - involved in opening up a service to external access.

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