Minimizing latency between two devices in network

Im trying to prioritize connection between my wireless vr headset(wlan1) and pc connected with ethernet(lan1) above everything. So far I set it so only vr headset connects to 5ghz wifi, assigned static lease to both of them, gave them their own firewall zone and allowed all traffic in that zone and i couldnt really made improvements. I tried to dabble in bridge devices and qos settings but that proved itself to be little above my understanding of the subject :sweat: .

btw wireless device doesnt need to connect to internet, just connecting to pc is enough for me. Any tips or tricks?

Xiaomi 4A Gigabit \ OpenWrt 21.02.0 r16279-5cc0535800

Why don't you place them in the same network/VLAN?

You won't need any firewall rules, prioritization, etc.

How / where do it do that? i faintly remember those settings from 19.x firmware but couldnt find it in 21.02

If your device is setup as default, there is only one LAN. Simply do not change it; and both devices will be connected to the same network.

they are already connected with no issues, i am looking to improve the latency. Its currently hovering around 14ms, standard seems to around 4-5 ms for others who tinkered a bit

If they are on the same network, there is nothing between them to improve - they're already speaking directly to each other.

Biggest issue you have is Wireless (WLAN1) If your VR supports 5Ghz then use this, If not change your 2.4GHz Wireless channel to something thats not in range of yours e.g channel 13 if your in EU and no ones else is using it around your area.

If that don't resolve the latency, you could have a separate router for your VR since the more users that use the WIFi network, that will add latency also.