Minimal list to build all cpu architectures?

We have s script to build our feed. We want to build for all cpu architectures. The docker is just for all targets, but not every target has a new cpu architecture. Is there somewhere a minimal list for targets that we have to use to build for all cpu architectures?

Probably the 30 architectures that packages are built for in the packages buildbot.

That is the cpu architecture, but I'm searching for target list, since the sdk is target based and not cpu architecture based. :wink:

You can use that list to lookup the SDKs used.

Just navigate to a build of each of those, and check from the SDK step, which SDK is used. Requires some manual work but is doable.

( I do not remember having seen a collected list anywhere)

Within each cpu architecture there is the target and subtarget for each device listed.

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Thanks I now have some list, with some missing targets.

aarch64_armv8-a -> 
aarch64_cortex-a53 -> mediatek-mt7622
aarch64_cortex-a72 -> mvebu-cortexa72
aarch64_generic -> layerscape-armv8_64b
arc_arc700 -> ?
arc_archs -> ?
arm_arm1176jzf-s_vfp -> brcm2708-bcm2708
arm_arm926ej-s -> mxs-generic
arm_cortex-a15_neon-vfpv4 -> ipq806x-generic
arm_cortex-a5 -> ?
arm_cortex-a53_neon-vfpv4 -> ?
arm_cortex-a5_neon-vfpv4 -> at91-sama5
arm_cortex-a7 -> sunxi-cortexa7
arm_cortex-a7_neon-vfpv4 -> ipq40xx-generic
arm_cortex-a8_vfpv3 -> sunxi-cortexa8
arm_cortex-a9 -> bcm53xx-generic
arm_cortex-a9_neon -> zynq-generic
arm_cortex-a9_vfpv3 -> mvebu-cortexa9
arm_fa526 -> gemini-generic
arm_mpcore -> oxnas-ox820
arm_mpcore_vfp -> cns3xxx-generic
arm_xscale -> kirkwood-generic
armeb_xscale -> ?
i386_geode -> x86-geode
i386_i486 -> ?
i386_pentium4 -> ?(x86-generic)
mips64_mips64 -> ?
mips64_octeon -> octeon-generic
mips64el_mips64 -> ?
mips_24kc -> ath79-generic
mips_mips32 -> brcm63xx-generic
mipsel_24kc -> ramips-mt7620
mipsel_24kc_24kf -> pistachio-generic
mipsel_74kc -> brcm47xx-mips74k
mipsel_mips32 -> brcm47xx-legacy
mipsel_mips32r2 -> ramips-rt288x
powerpc_440 -> ?
powerpc_464fp -> apm821xx-nand
powerpc_8540 -> mpc85xx-generic
x86_64 -> x86-64

Well, for those architectures you cannot find any target there are either no devices supported using it and/or the list is incomplete/outdated. For e. g. mipsel_mips32r2 is indicated it is not supported anymore (since 2017). But there are still devices listed.

The list is (I don't really know) autogenerated from the list of devices supported. But the device list is including a lot of very old devices (which are not supported anymore by newer builds) also.

You have to decide what you want to support and choose accordingly. Nobody is using powerpc_440 nor i386_i486 nowdays. Or better I would not support it if I were you. :wink:


You could use that what buildbot is making as a model.

I don't know what creterias buildbot is doing it builds. But it is not focussing on generic only (e. g. rampis). It looks more like "mainstream"?