Minidlna shows "not running" after upgrade to 19.07.2

MT7621 16M with extroot 32G 512m ram

No problem with19.07.1

Dlna.Log is empty

Actually VLC shows it 80% works. Just missing "recently added" and "all music"

No change after reinstallation

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Model: TP-Link Archer C2600, sysupgrade (keeping settings) from 19.07.1.

On the Main Overview page, under: 'miniDLNA Status' it says The miniDLNA service is not running, however I have confirmed it is actually working :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

With 19.07.1 it initially did the same until I stopped > started the miniDLNA service > and rebooted, now with 19.07.2 the Status remains as The miniDLNA service is not running.

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Please check this link. The solution for me was to download the package from a snapshot build and install it manually. Everything works as expected ever since.


I'm pretty sure I didn't follow proper procedures to get to this outcome, but it's working now!

Thankyou :wink:

edit: the package I upgraded to: minidlna 2019-12-09-0763719f-5

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Hello, where is the package minidlna 2019-12-09-0763719f-5. i have de same problem :frowning:

Hi @rviacava welcome to our community!

Is your router one of these listed here ?

If YES, the snapshot package is located here:

If NO:
-that package will not work on your router
-you can find the latest snapshot package for your router here: