Minidlna problem!

I have a Xiaomi 3g router with openwrt 19.07.2 and minidlna package installed.
With 19.07.1 minidlna worked well but I have problems since sysupgrade to 19.07.2

Minidlna doesn´t start and the log that appears

getifaddr.c:110: error: Network interface br-lan not found
minissdp.c:315: error: sendto(udp_notify=8, Operation not permitted

My router is ok, no problem with others packages, internet ok, LAN ports are ok.
I tried to desinstall and install again, but no success, minidlna doesn´t starts.

I don´t know what I can do, please help!!!


It seem the interface in your minidlna settings is wrong. Check /etc/config/minidlna, find "option interface" and set it to the right interface.