Minidlna over wireguard

There are two openwrt-routers located far apart.
Thay are connected via wireguard, so both have wg0 interface.
router1 lan is, and wg0 is
router2 lan is, and wg0 is
Both wg0 Allowed IPs are and option 'Route Allowed IPs' is disabled, so routing is done by static routing. All unicasts connections work well.

minidlna is running on router2 on br-lan (lan) interface.
How can I access minidlna server on router2 from router1 lan?

I have some experience with ssdp, igmpproxy, tcpdump, wireshark and multicast, but its not enougth to configure openwrt for my purpose.

Try any and/or all of "mdns relay", "bonjour relay", "broadcast relay", "dlna relay" and any other search terms which spring to mind.