miniDLNA not serving some video files

I have a spare router configured without firewall and routing (dumb AP but even wireless is disabled) just for serving files. It is running minidlna to serve audio, video and images.

It is mostly working but recently I added some home video files that do not show up when browsed from DLNA client. file permissions are ugo+rx across the entire folder.

There is a sub-directly under video folder that has other files. Those are seen and served but not the files in the root of video folder. Is it database update issue? How do I force it re-scan the folders? I did router restart, minidlna daemon restart but it is not working. The files are m4v files. Per freedom box site, debian verson of minidlna supports the m4v format. Does openwrt minidlna support it?

I've been using minidlna on openwrt for some years now and I have in the past had difficulty getting all my videos (I only have about a dozen) to be picked up by minidlna . Sometimes just disabling/enabling it helps . It will serve m4v files I know for a fact . The last time I had an issue with this I converted all my videos to mp4's and it found every thing . Prior to this I had a mix of file types . Not sure if that really helped or it was just coincidance .

@ pluffmud It does serve m4v format. I ended up following this procedure. Stop minidlna Service -> delete the database -> restart the service. It scanned the folders again and I can see the files now.

BTW Luci gui has "enable inotify" option enabled but it did not go to the actual /etc/config/minidlna file. I have added it manually.

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