miniDLNA not finding video files

Hello, I've got an Archer C7 v2 I've installed both a recent snapshot of LEDE and version 1.9.1 of Gargoyle and in both cases I have been unable to get the minidlna server to find and index my video files.

It manages to find all ~15K of my music tracks plus a few hundred images and, ironically, a single Tenacious D video hidden somewhere in my music collection. But I have dozens of MP4 and MKV files in the same folder structure I've pointed minidlna at and they don't get added to the database. It's very frustrating.

I've looked in the log file and can see no evidence of any errors related to scanning the videos. The videos are in a variety of resolutions with x.264 encoded video and audio in either AC3 or AAC format. Anyone have any ideas?

Permissions on those files are OK? Can you increase verbosity in miniDLNA to see of anything meaningful gets logged?

Check which flavor of libffmpeg got installed. If it is libffmpeg-audio-dec, then there are no video codecs supported. You should have libffmpeg-mini or -full installed (mini - as in support for miniDLNA).

Otherwise, increasing loglevel might give more info.