miniDLNA - Multiple Instances

Has anyone run multiple instances of miniDLNA, and is it possible to manage them from the LUCI interface?

I ask because I will soon be building out a RAID NAS to hold the data for all PCs in our household, and ideally, I'd like to have a separate miniDLNA instance to host each individual person's media from their user profile.

Currently, I only see a way to create/manage one instance of miniDLNA from LUCI, which is currently bound to my wife's profile/media.

I'd like to have a seprate instance for my profile/media. With unique names, it'd be trivial to pick/choose what miniDLNA to stream from for everyone, without having to pick through an aggregated library of both of our music.

just as easy to put each users stuff in a separate folder

Sure, but that kind of misses the point, especially when I serve up video and photo.

Instead of having one miniDLNA instance per user having only their files, it will be one instance with multiple folders per type (photo, video, audio) that they will need to pick through, instead of just using the miniDLNA instance with their name.

the 1st thing do to my dlna servers is remove that folder stuff for "photo video & audio"
I can't think of why it is even like this
so it's "browse directory" mode for me
I imagine this will also work for you on the network share side just the same
so instead of selecting witch server they pick witch root folder