MiniDLNA max_response_size

The following represents my last remaining issue before I flash LEDE to my WNDR4700.

Apparently the embedded Netgear version of MiniDLNA has a higher value for MAX_RESPONSE_SIZE than the Linux version. I am receiving a computer error of "upnpsoap.c:825: error: UPnP SOAP response cut short, to not exceed the max response size [2097152]!" The exact same library running on a stock WNDR4700 has no problems.

The default value for Linux is 2097152 which begins to cause problems at about 9,500 tracks when attempting to browse or use "All Music." Increasing this to 3145728 solves the problem (on my computer). The number is arrived at by multiplying the minimum value by 24 - the stock has a factor of 16.

How does the LEDE version handle this?

The alternative (I think) is to adjust the source and then recompile in Linux.

configure provides an option:
--enable-netgear enable generic NETGEAR device support

Presumably I also need a static build (Yes, no?) What else do I need to know before I make a mess of things, something that I am predisposed to do (I have a severe case of Reverse-Midas)?