MiniDLNA issues

I am experimenting with miniDLNA (used samba until now, but not every client supports it nowadays) and noticed that the clients do not provide the ability to delete files on the miniDLNA server. It's that the protocol limitation or a client deficiency? Cannot find needed info on the Internet.

DLNA is not intended to be used like that, it is not a replacement for SAMBA or similar, and clients are not expected to modify the contents of the server. What clients do you own that cannot connect to a SAMBA server?

It is a media player on PS4

Well, the DLNA protocol has no provision for deleting files from the clients. I guess you will have to share those files using DLNA for the media players, and SMB for those clients that support it.

Yeah, that is what I was thinking too.

Now that it is connected and recognized, PS4 complains about audio and only plays video. Is there a way to make MiniDLNA convert audio into some other format on the fly?

I would not be "mini" if it could do that... :wink:

Is it possible that I need to install libffmpeg-full instead of currently installed libffmpeg-mini ?

No, minidlna does not do any transcoding of media. You will need to convert your file to be compatible with the PS4 media player.