MiniDLNA disabled on boot

I own a WRT3200ACM device running LEDE 17.01.4, where I host some services, and almost everything works as expected; however, MiniDLNA is always disabled when the device boots...

I install and configure MiniDLNA, test that it works properly, then enable it to start on boot, and check at "/etc/rc.d" that everything is correct. Then I reboot the router and realize that MiniDLNA is not running; there are no logs, and there is no symlink at "/etc/rc.d". I can start and enable it again, and everything looks perfect, until the next reboot.

At first I blamed the external drive where MiniDLNA is configured to search for media: perhaps the drive was too slow to mount, and MiniDLNA panicked when no media was found; but that does not explain why it is being disabled.

Does anybody have any idea why could this be happening?

There are 2 ways of enabling MiniDLNA. Through its config file and/or enabling the service. Have you tried setting the enable flag in the configuration?

Also is the service disabled after reboot or is MiniDLNA simply not running? MiniDLNA needs to bind to the specified interfaces. If they are not available during startup MiniDLNA will sometimes crash.

I was writing a detailed explanation on all the steps I follow and how the service is disabled when I reboot the device, then I rebooted the device, and the service was not disabled... well, I'm speechless...

Did you reboot the device by unplugging it or useing a softreboot

Good point... I had done a soft-reboot, so now I just unplugged and plugged it back, and miniDLNA is still up and running; I feel like an idiot.

Normally I would say that a softreboot is better. It forces a clean filesystem unmount and cache flush. So all your changes are surely writen to the filesystem. A power unplug action could leave a filesystem in a undesired state. So that's why I asked