Mini PCIe LTE modem recommendation

Hi OpenWRT/LEDE gurus,

I'm currently planning a new (dual) LTE router based on a pcengines device, more specifically the APU3C2.

I've been looking hours at forums and still can't make a decision on what PCIe LTE modem to choose: Qualcom, Huawei, Sierra... What seems the easiest path to you knowing that I would prefer not to use a serial interface, so preferably qmi, ncm, rndis?


Really, nobody with a recommendation on LTE cards?

For example, you can use cheap lte Cat.4 cards based on SIM7600E-H modem.


I finally settled on two Huawei me909s-120...

They work fine so far... at lest they did once I figured out how to configure NCM connection :slight_smile:

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I've found routers with CAT6 cards pre-instaled. However anybody know about any CAT11 or higher cars supported by / has drivers for WRT?

Any list of supported cards?
Seems a minefield of available mini pcie cards on aliexpress, but could do with some guidance on what is likely work and what isn't.

  • this is for EU bands, must have 3,7 and 20.

Telit LM940 (qmi)

Looks good, if rather expensive at +$200.
Still may go with the GL-X750 at cat 6 which my current tower does and have the option to go to 11 if and when my cell tower gets upgraded next.

Quectel EC-25; but I always use it as serial, to avoid any (possible) issues.

Thank you.
The EC-25 is only a CAT4 (150mbit), But that search led me to their EM06 which is CAT11 (600Mbit) and then EM20 whcih is CAT16 (2Gbit)...

EM06/EM20 is m.2, not minipcie.

Most modern LTE cards are supported, which is why you won't find such a list. Anything running MBIM or QMI should just work. There is also excellent driver support for Huaweis NCM protocol variant.

Note that this might change in the near future. There is a push towards using undocumented PCI interfaces instead of the standard or well-known USB interfaces. Intel is leading the way here. Personally I'd be really careful with any new modem based on an Intel chipset. But the other chipset vendors might follow too, so take this message for what it is: Written in February 2019.

Can you share how you got it to work exactly using NCM? I could get this card work with cdc_ether only.