Mini pcie Card 2.4g 300 Mbit, 5ghz 867mbit

Hello i need a Mini pcie Card, whit two accesspoint run at the same time.
One accesspoint 2,4 and one accesspoint 5ghz.
Also they most Support mesh

most (all ?) cards can only handle one band at a time, you'll need two cards.

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I used an AC2600 from QNAP that ran both bands concurrently. I had to setup 2 hostapd.conf files and duplicate the service files so they both started on reboot. It worked great. I'm sure you should be able to do the same with any compatible card with dual bands.

This thing looks nice but almost 200 bucks?
For that amount of money you can get a standalone wifi 6 AP?

I don't think it was $200 when I bought the card. The idea behind it was quit throwing money at cheap black boxes with glitchy firmware that are over priced.

IIRC $150 was the cost of the card vs well we all know what routers / AP's go for these days. I switched to an AP though when WIFI6 was released and didn't see any HW matching the AC2600 card.

Since AX was released though I haven't seen any of the players that allow for sing hostapd for your own AP setup. Intel doesn't allow for anything other than 2.4Ghz bands to be hosted so, that means waiting on QCA / RTL / MTK to release a card that supports AX / E or go commercial again with an AP.

Netgear just released an E AP for $370 w/ a 10% coupon "save10" that covers the taxes on it. It's buried in the install PDF that you can set it up in stand alone or pay $10/yr/AP for the management app.

At the time though for the AC card I was looking for something with less security risks / better coverage that I could put different antennas on / internalize it to my DIY router setup. I sold my R7800 and that covered the cost of the card anyway.