Mini PC or router?

Since @frollic invoked my humble efforts, I'll be a pest and throw in a couple more in the same vein in the interest of shameless self-promotion:

[HOWTO] Installing OpenWrt on Sophos SG105w
[HOWTO] Installing OpenWrt on Check Point U-5

You can see that these guides all pertain to x86 devices and thus have a lot in common.

x86 (both modern and ancient) is a great platform for running OpenWrt, but it requires some work, since there is a wide variety of hardware that can be present on an x86 unit, and OpenWrt, being first and foremost a compact system, needs some human help in figuring out what it has at its disposal and how to use it...

Keep in mind, however, that x86 also tends to be more power-hungry compared to, say, ARM.

Also keep in mind that similarly looking devices sometimes have radically different innards. For example, one of the guides referenced above is about a Sophos device. Sophos has several product lines. The XG and SG devices are x86-based, so OpenWrt can be installed and configured without a hitch. The RED line, meanwhile, is built on Freescale CPUs, which is not a supported OpenWrt platform (not yet anyway).

If you're curious about a specific device, ask (but please try Googling first; it's entirely possible that Google has heard about interests similar to yours already).

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