MIMO AP in Luci

Hi folks,

I am using a 2x2 MIMO wlan adapter with 2 antennas on my AP. On my laptop there is also a 2x2 wifi card.
Luci shows 2 MCS (2 streams?) on the client, where on the AP it doesn't.

Is this a normal behaviour? Does the AP use its 2 antennas?

The MCS indexes you see are for TX and RX if I'm not mistaken. If the 2,4 GHz band is crowded the radio will fall back to 20 MHz instead of the 40 MHz it might be able to use.

I started my tablet with single antenna wifi. For my understanding it has to do with the number of antennas, but I could easily be wrong :grinning:
Edit: Wrong, there are also 2 data rates on the tablet. (must be blind)
So that means it has nothing to do with the number of antennas!?

No. MCS values will go up with better signal quality (and more modern wireless protocols support higher MCS values as well).

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