Mikrotik SXT 5HPnD help


I have this mikrotik router and need to flash openwrt firmware but I'm not sure which one is it.
I have some picture for that how it's looks like:

Thank you forwardly for answers.

Looks like it is the SXT 5HPn

It appears that the device you have is not supported by OpenWrt.

Oh ok,so no luck

Here is some more infos about hardware:

Detailed Description
Product code RBSXT5HPnD
CPU nominal frequency 400 MHz
CPU core count 1
Size of RAM 32 MB
Architecture MIPS-BE
10/100 Ethernet ports 1
10/100/1000 Ethernet ports 0
MiniPCI slots 0
MiniPCI-e slots 0
Wireless chip model AR9280-AL1A
Wireless standards 802.11a/n
Number of USB ports 1
Memory Cards 0
Power Jack 0
802.3af support 0
PoE 9-30V
Voltage Monitor Yes
PCB temperature monitor Yes
CPU temperature monitor No
Dimensions 140x140x56mm, 265g
Operating System RouterOS
Temperature range -30 .. +70C
License level Level3
Antenna gain 16dBi
Current Monitor No
TX power 31dBm
SFP ports 0
Number of chains 2

Maybe it could be ported from other similar router.

No, won't happen.

Aside from the very low specifications (by modern standards), the following is disqualifying:

The current version of OpenWrt requires 64MB or greater. 32MB is not supported. And moving forward, that will be 128MB or greater.

(you didn't list the flash memory size, but 23.05 requiers 8MB minimum, and 24.xx will require at least 16MB).

With that in mind, this device will never be supported by OpenWrt.

It is not the kind of router that is designed for 'regular' use:

It is designed for point to point use and its antenna is, extremely, directional and its amp is very strong; so much so that mikrotek says to stay, at least, 11' (3.3 meters) away from its direction.

There are many reasons it is not worth your effort.
I hope you got it for free.

Big sorry,wrong specs.
This is the right one and it gets something for it:


Product code RBSXTG-5HPnD-SAr2
Architecture MIPSBE
CPU AR9344
CPU core count 1
CPU nominal frequency 600 MHz
Dimensions 140x140x56mm
RouterOS license 4
Operating System RouterOS
Size of RAM 64 MB
Storage size 128 MB
Storage type NAND
MTBF Approximately 100'000 hours at 25C
Tested ambient temperature -30°C to 70°C
Suggested price $99.00

I DDG'ed it up by device model.

The whole family is as I described.

ok,I hope someone could port an firware for this model in future as I.m not so familiar with routeros.
I need it for install some plugins and programs and it has very good signal to catch 5ghz.

Firmware on it should be fine.

It is not built for changes.