Mikrotik Router vs OpenWrt

Good day all

I have a MikroTik Router RB2011UiAS-in and find it a pain to setup. And it uses extra power aswell.

I was thinking to install Open WRT as a docker on my Raspberry pi 4.

Does it do the same work as a MikroTik Router?

  • works as a firewall wall to block in coming traffic.
  • can I also use it to block certain websites/words on internet traffic.
  • can I allow myself to access my own router from outside my home network.

I just don't seem to get the theory if the MikroTik Router sits between my fiber and router, how can Open WRT do the same thing if it sits behind my router. The it means my internet has to run via my router first before it goes to the Open WRT and that seems to make a loop in my network.

I hope to hear from someone soon.


if i good understand that you wanna install openwrt in your Raspberry pi 4 and this stands in your home/office newtwork behind MikroTik Router RB2011UiAS-in or as replace for him,because of power usage?

Setting up any operating system to be a main router requires two network ports. You can add a port with a USB to Ethernet converter.

Another method is to create two virtual ports on the Pi's single physical Ethernet port with VLANs. This requires a VLAN-aware switch on the other end of the cable.

So more hardware involved either way. The Pi has a lot of CPU but it isn't really built for networking.

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Of course the RB2011 uses more power than a Raspberry pi, it has a lot more to offer than a pi. The RB2011 offers 10 Ethernet ports (5 1Gb and 5 100Mb) plus a SFP port, and it has a touchscreen. As an owner of several Mikrotik devices but not a RBx011 unit I love them. Yes getting OenWrt on them is sometimes a little difficult but after the initial OpenWrt install they are easy to use. I am waiting for the RB3011 to be supported before I buy that to replace my older devices. The RB4011 looks really interesting but IDK if the CPU is supported yet. The RB4011 use an AL21400 cpu.

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No I dont want to use open wrt as a router, I have a router. I want to use it just as a firewall on my network to block incoming traffic


Openwrt has a firewall based on iptables, just like routeros.
I would not try to use Openwrt as just a firewall


Good day

So i did get Mikrotik setup

I use on my Pi server

  • Pi-hole
  • vpn

I will install OPen WRT next

any suggestion to make it more secure


An actual hardware router - as compare to just a computer - which is what a raspberry pi is, has silicon to accelerate some things: packet switching, network address translation, buffering, VPN. You can do more with a computer, but a hardware router probably has lower latency to get the packet over the wire.