Mikrotik RBLDF 5nD Support, very similar to RBLHG 5nD

Hi, I am new to OpenWRT.

I have a mikrotik LDF 5nD

But unfortunately OpenWRT does not support it yet.

However the RBLHG 5nD is supported by OpenWRT.

I'm not an expert but Comparing the specs they are all the same except the form factor. LHG has antenna while LDF doesn't.

Can I request support for this device?

Or is it ok for me to just flash the LHG openwrt firmware to LDF?

Any helps would be appreciated

Solved! They are both the same! I confirmed that the RBLDF 5nD can run the RBLHG 5nD openwrt image. :grinning:

May need to update the wiki :slight_smile:

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