Mikrotik RB951Ui-2HnD bootloop after sysupgrade

Hello, I'm trying to install Openwrt for the second time. Both times Mikrotik devices:

  1. RB952Ui-5ac2nD - Installed following the steps below. Everything works successfully. I got it from the first attempt.
  2. RB951Ui-2HnD - Problems with this device. After each attempt I rolled back to factory firmware version 6.48.6 using netinstall (attempts to install an earlier version produced a message that it was impossible to update to a version lower than the factory one).
    Factory Firmware 6.48.6
    Current Firmware 6.48.6
    Upgrade Firmware 6.48.6
    (backup was made, keys were saved).
    --- Installation steps ---
  • download
    OpenWrt Firmware Selector
  • download tiny pxe server
  • put static ip netmask to windows network adapter
  • put cable from pc to ether1
  • open tiny PXE server , choose option54 the static ip
  • under bootfile you have a checkbox with filename, disable it and from file name choose initramfs-kernel.bin
  • check online button
  • unplug router power and put it back wile keep pressing reset button until you see in tiny PXE software dhcp message with firmware then relase it
  • wait till a message from dhcp with ack appear in tiny PXE log
  • without unplug the router power change cable from ether1 to ether2
  • in tiny PXE press offline button
  • put you ethernet cable to ether1 to have internet for later to install luci
  • now you can remove static ip for auto dhcp
  • Go to System→Backup/Flash Firmware
  • Click on 'Choose File' under 'Flash new firmware image'. Select the sysupgrade .bin file you previously downloaded for your RouterBoard
  • Click on 'Flash image'. This will flash the sysupgrade .bin file into your RouterBoard and reboot it

After that, a message appears:

The device is supported, but the config is incompatible to the new image (1.0->1.1). Please upgrade without keeping config (sysupgrade -n). upgrade: NAND images switched to yafut. If running older image, reinstall from initramfs.

I uncheck everything except "Force upgrade"

After that the upgrade starts (I don't touch the browser).
3-4 LEDs on the router light up and go out after 5 seconds.
This repeats endlessly.
No ping or

Can you please tell me what can be done about this?


A possible solution for others.

I installed version 19.07.10 without any problems following the steps above. Also, it was important to upgrade to a stable version of RouterOS v6 firmware.

This has something to do with the ar71xx and ath79 branches. Read more about it:

[OpenWrt Wiki] Upgrade from (old) ar71xx to ath79

Attempts to install 23.05.2 failed.