Mikrotik RB91xG 5HPnD (RB911/RB912) 4.9 Problems


gpio seems messed up on my rb912 board with 4.9 (latest trunk build)
With 4.4 stable build you can switch between mPCIe and USB by changing 52 pin: 1 = usb, 0 = mPCIe, but with 4.9 nothing really changing, usb works with both 0 and 1, and so mpice doesn't.

Well,this commit may have caused it:

You can try reverting it and building image to test

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Did anyone have any luck getting this to work? I can't get the GPIO working to turn on the internal USB on the MPCIE connector as well.

Kernel 4.9 here as well

I fixed this some time ago: