Mikrotik RB751U-2HnD stays in netboot

I installed OpenWrt 18.06.5 on a Mikrotik RB71U-2HnD using the common instructions and the 64MB NAND image.
The router restarts, but stays in netboot mode: ports 2-5 don't work, and on port 1 it tries (and does) BOOTP.
I checked /proc/mtd contents and I can only see 3 partitions: "booter", "kernel", "ubi", so rbcfg is not working (I wanted to see if the netboot thing was a configuration issue).
Right now, I can netboot anytime I want and the system is working, but it is not booting from NAND.
Any hints for solving this?

Have you loaded initramfs?

Yes, I loaded initramfs through BOOTP, then flashed the sysupgrade 64MB image using sysupgrade on ssh

Try manually: https://openwrt.org/toh/mikrotik/common#manually_flashing_openwrt

Disable it in the bootloader after the successful flash.

Turns out the kernel sees all sectors in the kernel partition as bad. I will see if it's real or if it's a software issue

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Hi, have you solved this and can share your solution, please?

Hi, no solution yet, bad sectors in NAND make it impossible to run the kernel

does netinstall, solves your issue? can you format the NAND again and install a new firmware?

Unfortunately to install OpenWrt I set boot mode to DHCP and netinstall runs only on PXE boot

Hi. Sorry my bad English.Use Netinstall 6.39 for firmware . It helped me to cure this problem.

There is also a hole in the back to reset the bootloader, tp310

good luck